floral design

Our craft and trade lie in the floral designing of some of the freshest grown product available. We are very proud to be able to source some of the favorite local farms when seasonally correct.We have diligently built a reputation with our wholesalers in able to find an amazing product to bring to you. As a professional in the industry for 3 decades and then some, I'm in the constant direction of the ever ending trends while keeping grounded and staying true to our esthetics. We would love to chat about your idea event and help you bring it to fruition.  


We are known for the past 25 years for our floral design and our original perspective with vintage styling + decor. Found furnishings and wares sourced in-house in our eclectic inventory.We are so happy that aspect has trickled into interiors, merchandising and brand marketing for some pretty rad clients. Let's start with what you have and reinvent to a space that defines you. It's that easy. and that possible.


We are so happy to support + encourage local artisans and purveyors. Opening up our barn seemed like the perfect way to create + gather in our space. Our in-house to do list consist of a few of our own lifestyle workshops. Be sure to follow us on our social media outlets for all the details. Say hello and let us know if your interest include a collab and hosting your own badass self.

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